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Structural Timber

Reclaimed old growth wood is an excellent choice to rely on the strength of wood for your next project.

Decorative Timber

Whether up on the ceiling or gracing your rooms as trim, decorative timber reclaimed decorative timber it is something that will amaze and impress your visitors for years to come.

Live Edge Mantels

Imagine your mantel piece embodying the beauty of old growth, remarkable presence.

Wood Slabs

We have wood slabs available in many lengths, widths and thicknesses.

Recycled Wood

Consider using reclaimed, recycled raw wood in your next project. We are ready to provide 10 board feet to 1 million board feet.

Industrial Salvage Wood

Imagine a piece of history from the Pacific Northwest gracing your next build. We have industrial salvage from many different turn of the century facilities ready to use right now.

Site Treecycling Program

If your new building site has timber already. We can mill those logs for you to use as accent and decorative features in your new building we call it treecycling!

Saw Milling Services

Local contractors and wood masters can get logs sawed for sizes up to 9’x9’x50’ long.

Wood Flattening Services

Plane and flatten your slabs up to 6’wide x 10”thick x 19’long.

Kilning Services

Kiln your slab! Call 360-424-SLAB for specs.