Thank you for your time and interest in our passion. It’s inspired by a Love for Wood and the environment. With this inspiration, and a sadness at seeing logs wasted as firewood, shake, or pulp when too big for modern mills, Tony built a giant mill in 2009 to discover their beauty as slabs.

Sharing the beauty of wood while leaving trees alone has been a rewarding and intriguing journey. Many logs are from local bays (dredged up after being dropped in our early century logging boom), some unearthed from farm fields, some windfall, each with their own story to tell.

Skagit Slabs uses rescued logs only, nothing is cut to mill- and we’ve had, and continue to have, an absolute abundance! Please join our sustainable mission and enjoy the sheer magnificence and beauty of these redeemed resources.

mill management

Tony Hawes


Brandin Sears

Sales and Mill Master

Philip Brautigam

Chief Development Officer

Shanna Hawes


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Marta Kukhar

Office Manager

Audrey Goodale

Operations Analyst

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Fun Support

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